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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lord is always with us 9/30/13

What a week, do i say that every week? Well, what a week :)

So Dad wants details, so i'm going to try my hardest!

We had exchanges last Thursday at 10am Philippines time with our STL's (Sister Training Leaders - So like ZL's (two Elders assigned to each area of missionaries are referred to as "Zone Leaders" or ZL for short). There are 3 sets of STL's in our mission, and there are probably 70 sisters or so. So they are busy going on exchanges with each companionship every transfer. They are so amazing! We only had a few hours with them because they had to get back to their area for a baptism, and their area was 4 hours away. So we went to contact a few investigators we've taught a few times. One wasn't home, so we were asking her neighbor, May, when she'd be home. Well, May asked us if we wanted to come in and we looked at each other and said, "Syempre!" Haha so we began to teach her, find out what she needed, ask her about her life, religion, family situation, etc. It was such a great lesson, and while we're on the topic of May, I'll skip to last night. Sister P and I taught her again last night, the full message of the restoration.  What a mess, haha our language was all over the place, i felt so unprepared because we just stopped in on her, there were no fans, we had 2 members with us (which just adds to the pressure), I'm the trainer so I'm still taking the lead and making sure things aren't awkward and such haha, and and we haven't worked for 2 days. So I felt like it was a mess and i was super distracted...but it was the most spiritual, humbling experience. I know, from that experience, that the Lord really does prepare people, and when the Lord prepares someone, it doesn't really matter how horrible you do, as long as you try. She was the most real person i've taught. We asked her to be baptized and she said, (translated) "I don't want to be fake and say yes right now, but i will if i get an answer and after i learn more about your church. I want to really know." - Is that a golden answer or what? I was amazed. The Spirit totally helped us in that lesson, and looking back, even though I struggled and it was so embarrassing, we gave the whole message of the restoration, in the language, and she understood. I take no credit for that, other than being where the Lord wanted me and doing it despite my fear and abilities. He totally provided a way for us to get through to her, and that was definitely through the Spirit.

So, that was cool :) Another cool story? Ready? So Friday was set aside by our mission president as an all day cleaning the apartment day. So that morning, Sister P came downstairs and was burning up, so i gave her ibuprofin and told her to go back to bed. she was better at lunch, went to take another nap, and came back down at 5:30 burning up again. We took her temperature, she was 106.9 F!!! My stupid unintelligent self sent her back upstairs to sleep (little did i know she was "cold" so she had the fan off and her covers were on, oh and i forgot to make her eat when she took the medicine) She came back down a little after 6 to go to the bathroom, and Sister B and I asked her if she was response. She got out of the bathroom and looked like she was going to pass out! We quickly called the ZL's, and Sister Andaya (her Mission President's wife) to know what to do.  We sat her in a chair while we waited for the ZL's to come bless her and just wiped her down with cold cloths to get her temp down. Her head and eyes kept rolling and she was unconcious for about 30 minutes! It was the scariest thing of my life. the elders got there and we rushed to the hospital. (Well, we walked until we found a tricycle that could fit all of us and take us there -  emergencies in the philippines haha, so funny). Basta, we got there and it still took a lot of time to get her to talk but she ended up being fine. We totally saved her life/almost killed her too. Super dramatic. We weren't allowed to work Saturday and Sunday just so she wouldn't relapse. 

Wow, I am out of time. I need to go. But there are my 2 stories for the week! (Detailed enough dad??? :) let me know what i'm missing)

I just want you all to know that i love being a missionary, it makes all the random experiences so much more cool since i'm a missionary :) haha This work is so special and so sacred. And the Lord watches over his missionaries. How blessed were we to have worthy ZL's bless my companion. And she ended up okay :) and how blessed were we to have the spirit with us in that lesson. Such a sacred calling.

Love you all! Have a good week!!

With love from the Philippines, 
Sister Hogge

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