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Monday, October 21, 2013

Conference, how much do we truly love the Lord? (Oct 13)

First...before I begin...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! 50 years old, grabe. Bata pa ikaw ;) So glad you all had fun in Utah, I love all the pictures! Everyone looks so happy and for now i'm okay with Kobe taking my place, He's cuter than I am anyways :) How did you like your birthday dad? Tell me all about it! I'm so proud of mom for being sneaky and surprising you with the trip. So awesome! 

I finally got to watch General Conference. It was better than Christmas, oh my, I loved it! ("EXCLAMATION POINT!") Isn't conference just the best? I want to talk about everything, but there's so much! The most important thing I think we can all learn from conference is that we need to be more Christ-like. We have so much we need to develop before we will be ready to meet Christ. My favorite talk was the talk on developing our Meekness. Giving all the credit to the Lord and allowing His hand to be in our lives every day. To turn to Him always, rely on Him, have faith in Him. To have a desire to do His will, to do His work, all because we love Him. That is the most important thing we can do. Remember the first great commandment is to, "love the Lord thy God". Do we really love God? I'm all of you are saying, "Of course we do!" That's what I said to. But what are we doing to show Him we truly love Him? Are we turning to Him always, praying and seeking His guidance before we do anything, loving ALL His children, doing His work? What are you doing to show your love to your Heavenly Father?

This week is truly going to put my love for the Lord to the test. The Sister's who lived with us got transferred out and their area got closed. So we now have their old area and our is so huge. We have about 5 missionaries go home last transfer on medical release (2 from my batch), and only 8 total missionaries come in. So things are starting to level out. We've have about 30 new missionaries every transfer, so to only get 8 was super weird. So I'm now white washing my 4th area haha. The sisters had the city, and a lot of the neighborhoods around the city, so it's a lot to cover. They also had a lot of investigators. We finally just got 6 golden investigators in our area, and now we have all of the sister's too. Needless to say, we are going to be busy. I love how the Lord trusts in me. Time after time He's trusted me to white wash an area, and I don't feel like i've ever done it as efficiently as i could. This time will be different. We're so excited to work hard! It's probably going to be the hardest working transfer I've had, so it'll be a huge growing experience. Sister Purificacion and I are excited :)

That's about all the happened. There were 8 missionaries in Calbayog, 4 Americans. Now there's 6, and I'm the only American. I felt so overwhelmed on transfer day, saying bye to the sisters and hello to a huge area. But conference really came at perfect timing. It opened up my eyes to a lot of inspired thoughts, things that we as a companionship can do to be more effective. this transfer there will be no distractions, all work, no play. And while I'll miss all the fun from last transfer and having sisters in the apartment, it'll be so good for us. So I'm motivated and excited for the work!

Again, thank you all for your love and support. Work hard, and strive every day to be better :) When you do that, you'll see success, I promise that, the apostles and prophets promise that, and the Lord promises that. When you are obedient and desire to work hard, and then go and act on those desires, you'll succeed in everything you endeavor to do. I love you all!

Sister Hogge

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obedience = Love (Oct 6)

Hello family! So to answer everyone's questions at once, no i did not get to watch conference. Not yet at least. It air's this weekend in the Philippines, and we have to drive about an hour and a half to our District Center to watch it. Luckily though, we'll be able to watch all 4 sessions. I can't even tell you how excited i am! Unfortunately, we didn't and won't be able to watch the Relief Society session. But that's okay. Reading it will be good too :) I'm looking forward to it. So next week I'll have more to say about conference. I skimmed your notes on conference, kind of wanting their talks to be a surprise (is that weird??). So next week na lang!

This past week was interesting :) our work was super slow. So I don't know if you remember mom, I'm not even sure I told you, but a few years ago when i was playing soccer up at BYU-I, I got slide tackled by my coach. Ever since then my knee will just hurt randomly. So this transfer it's been really bad. Some days I'll just wake up and it'll be so bad, other's it's totally fine. I finally told my District and Zone Leaders last week about it and they called Sister Andaya (Mission President's wife) and she had me go down to Tacloban to get it x-rayed. Looks like I need to do physical therapy! I'm just letting you know all this before I forget :) I'm totally fine. It hurts when I bend it, so sometimes I have to hop down the stairs, and sometimes I just look a little...retarded (I don't think that word's appropriate for a missionary, sorry.) But yeah. So asiya la.

Basta, our work has been slow, but I'm LOVING it here. I can't even tell you. I LOVE training. I was super stressed the first week, but since's been a BLAST! I have been so blessed on my mission, and so blessed in this area. The people here love the missionaries, and they love missionary work. I'm super impressed with the progress of this branch. There's a still a lot to do, a lot that they don't do, and a lot to improve, just like everywhere. But i've felt nothing but love and support from everyone here. We personally haven't had a lot of progression with investigators. We had one inactive family come to church this week. Sister P saw them walk in during sacrament meeting and hit me and shook me so hard and pointed at them! I looked back and couldn't believe it. Miracles are happening :) We have FHE with their family tonight, so that'll be fun :)

We had an encounter with a crazy Nanay (what kids call their mom's, but what we call older women - grandma-like women) this week, hahaha it was so funny! We were teaching J., our Recent Convert, at a member's house. We started teaching him and this nappy looking nanay with a sack over her shoulders comes to the door and just squats there and and stares at us, and then looks at our shoes, and starts opening her bad as if to put our shoes in there! J. yelled, and I jumped up and ran over to the door. Nanay almost stole our shoes!! What the random?? Haha and then she pulls this tattered up Aklat ni Mormon (Tagalog book of mormon) and asks us if she's allowed to rip it up...J. is so cute, he was like, "Diri pwede Nay!" and then she just continued to squat there with this crazy look in her eye. Haha we were laughing almost the whole lesson, it was super funny. When they closed the door on her, she'd poke her head through the bars in the window and push the curtains aside and just talk to herself. No body seemed to understand her. It was awesome haha. Oh my, I love the Philippines. We were going to leave, and Jonas lives down the street a little ways, so we all left together. Well we get out and we look over and see Nay hunched over in front of this house, doing who knows what. when she saw us, she got up and walked/ran over to us. It scared Jonas so bad! He sprinted back inside the house, and said something like, "See you later sisters!" he left us to die basically. We didn't pause though. We yelled down a tricycle and ran across the street to get away from her. Only in the Philippines!

Wow this is super long. So lastly, i want to share the training we had this past week at our Zone Training meeting. Our Zone leaders focused on Obedience. Now i'm not a bad missionary, but I know that I can be 10x more exactly obedient. they asked us why we were here on a mission, we all gave different responses, all good responses. But the only reason why anyone should be on a mission, is out of Love for our Father in Heave. In Alma 57:21, it talks about how the 2000 stripling warriors obeyed with exactness because they loved their mothers, they loved Helaman, their leader. We do things out of love for them. And the only way to fully serve my mission, to fully serve the people, is if i do it out of love for my heavenly father. How do we do that though? How do we change our purpose of doing something from selfishness, to love? Well, it's easier said than done, but we obey. That's it. When we overcome something through obedience, we feel happiness and joy and love. When we try to be more obedient, one thing at a time, we are blessed. Don't let the small things take over. Be obedient, and pray for your desires to change. Do it because you love your Heavenly Father.

I love you all, as I say every week. I am so sorry I don't have a lot of time to do hardly anything. To email everyone, to send a lot of pictures, but know that I love you all, but most of all, I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father. I am SO lucky to be here, not to rub it in anyone's face, but seriously...this is the life. Serving the Lord is so great, and it's so humbling and so rewarding. It's just the best. I miss you all, but I DO NOT want to come home. This is where I'm suppose to be.

With love from the Philippines,
Sister Hogge

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lord is always with us 9/30/13

What a week, do i say that every week? Well, what a week :)

So Dad wants details, so i'm going to try my hardest!

We had exchanges last Thursday at 10am Philippines time with our STL's (Sister Training Leaders - So like ZL's (two Elders assigned to each area of missionaries are referred to as "Zone Leaders" or ZL for short). There are 3 sets of STL's in our mission, and there are probably 70 sisters or so. So they are busy going on exchanges with each companionship every transfer. They are so amazing! We only had a few hours with them because they had to get back to their area for a baptism, and their area was 4 hours away. So we went to contact a few investigators we've taught a few times. One wasn't home, so we were asking her neighbor, May, when she'd be home. Well, May asked us if we wanted to come in and we looked at each other and said, "Syempre!" Haha so we began to teach her, find out what she needed, ask her about her life, religion, family situation, etc. It was such a great lesson, and while we're on the topic of May, I'll skip to last night. Sister P and I taught her again last night, the full message of the restoration.  What a mess, haha our language was all over the place, i felt so unprepared because we just stopped in on her, there were no fans, we had 2 members with us (which just adds to the pressure), I'm the trainer so I'm still taking the lead and making sure things aren't awkward and such haha, and and we haven't worked for 2 days. So I felt like it was a mess and i was super distracted...but it was the most spiritual, humbling experience. I know, from that experience, that the Lord really does prepare people, and when the Lord prepares someone, it doesn't really matter how horrible you do, as long as you try. She was the most real person i've taught. We asked her to be baptized and she said, (translated) "I don't want to be fake and say yes right now, but i will if i get an answer and after i learn more about your church. I want to really know." - Is that a golden answer or what? I was amazed. The Spirit totally helped us in that lesson, and looking back, even though I struggled and it was so embarrassing, we gave the whole message of the restoration, in the language, and she understood. I take no credit for that, other than being where the Lord wanted me and doing it despite my fear and abilities. He totally provided a way for us to get through to her, and that was definitely through the Spirit.

So, that was cool :) Another cool story? Ready? So Friday was set aside by our mission president as an all day cleaning the apartment day. So that morning, Sister P came downstairs and was burning up, so i gave her ibuprofin and told her to go back to bed. she was better at lunch, went to take another nap, and came back down at 5:30 burning up again. We took her temperature, she was 106.9 F!!! My stupid unintelligent self sent her back upstairs to sleep (little did i know she was "cold" so she had the fan off and her covers were on, oh and i forgot to make her eat when she took the medicine) She came back down a little after 6 to go to the bathroom, and Sister B and I asked her if she was response. She got out of the bathroom and looked like she was going to pass out! We quickly called the ZL's, and Sister Andaya (her Mission President's wife) to know what to do.  We sat her in a chair while we waited for the ZL's to come bless her and just wiped her down with cold cloths to get her temp down. Her head and eyes kept rolling and she was unconcious for about 30 minutes! It was the scariest thing of my life. the elders got there and we rushed to the hospital. (Well, we walked until we found a tricycle that could fit all of us and take us there -  emergencies in the philippines haha, so funny). Basta, we got there and it still took a lot of time to get her to talk but she ended up being fine. We totally saved her life/almost killed her too. Super dramatic. We weren't allowed to work Saturday and Sunday just so she wouldn't relapse. 

Wow, I am out of time. I need to go. But there are my 2 stories for the week! (Detailed enough dad??? :) let me know what i'm missing)

I just want you all to know that i love being a missionary, it makes all the random experiences so much more cool since i'm a missionary :) haha This work is so special and so sacred. And the Lord watches over his missionaries. How blessed were we to have worthy ZL's bless my companion. And she ended up okay :) and how blessed were we to have the spirit with us in that lesson. Such a sacred calling.

Love you all! Have a good week!!

With love from the Philippines, 
Sister Hogge

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alive and kickin' 9/22/13

So I hear there's a lot of storms up near Manila, and everything makes sense. It has been so windy and stormy this past week! Nothing huge, but I was curious why no one was worried. Anything not a "Bagio" is called "Low Pressure" even if the wind is crazy and it's raining and the waves are huge and crashing everywhere, if it's not classified as a "Bagio", then none of the Filipinos are worried (if they aren't worried, i've learned not to be worried either). So all's well here in Region 8.

The other day, Sister Pure and I were riding a tricycle down the highway, next to the dagat, and we got sprayed so hard every time the waves crashed. It was SO windy. Luckily my skirts are heavy enough to not flash the whole town. We walked home that day and sister pure had to hold down her skirt with her bag and umbrella while we walked. It was funny because everyone's going about normal, but the palm trees are swaying back and forth so forcfully, the ocean is so wavy, and the sky has been dark the past few days. It looks like a storms a coming, but waray. Just the effects from up north. 

Anyways, that was a really bad description. Mom, you asked me how things were really going, if I was struggling. I'm glad to say, I have not broken down yet. I'm honestly still doing fine. Training is fun, sister Pure and I get along great! I know there's a lot more that I could be doing, but i'm trying my best, and I'm learning a lot on the way. I'm not perfect, so I'm not expecting myself to be perfect. Mistakes this transfer have helped me grow more than they have stressed me out. It's still way hard. The way of living, in a cramped apartment, totally stressed me out at first, but we're settled in and used to our arrangements, so honestly...everything's going fine. Our area's a bit far from our apartment. Our appointments are all over the place. We'll have one in Carayman, then one in Greenland, then one in Rawis. They're all like far from each other, which makes it really expensive to travel everyday. So we're learning to organize and set days and times to go to specific places so we aren't all over the place. It's a learning process for sure haha.

We had a fun experience the other day. We traveled all the way out to Carayman to an appointment, only to be punted. We stopped by 2 other of our investigator's home's and they were both very cold with us. We've been struggling so hard to get an investigator, a good, solid one. So we headed back, praying for inspiration on the way back home. We decided to stop to try a former investigator named Gina. We went to her door and asked if Gina was home and she said, "Yes, come in!" (In Waray). We went in, followed her upstairs, and she seated us as she went and grabbed her book of mormon and pamphlets. What the!! The progress record said she wasn't really interested, but we got there, started asking her questions, and she wants to be baptized! We were shocked. We invited her to church (she didn't come...but that's okay), and we have a return appointment on tuesday. We're excited to see what she needs and see what we can do to help her. Our first real potential progressing investigator here.

There's so much that happens here, that i don't even know what to focus on. Just know that i'm alive and doing GREAT! Really. I was thinking the other day about what it would be like to go home, to be in the states. I started crying. I am so nervous to come home (did i already tell you this...i feel like i did). Basta, I love it here. No, I don't love being fat and sweaty, but the Philippines has become my home :) I'm so greatful for this next year. Keep me in your prayers I'll keep you in mine.

Love you all!

Loving the philiippines, 
Sister Hogge

ps. Oh my goodness, you know how there are 3 American's in our apartment, and 1 Filipina? Well, we're wearing off on her. We're teaching her American slang, and now she can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It's so funny! Filipino's english is so proper, so to hear a proper little filipina say things like "catch ya lata bro", sugad, is hilarious. We're having so much fun. Asiya :)

Any questions????


Me with my package! Loved it!! (Anybody feel free to send me things. American's candy and stuff is so fun to give filipinos!)

Me and a scared little kid that I made sit by me on the bus. There was no room anywhere else, so he sat by me, we talked, i gave him candy, and we were bff by the time he left :) so fun! (the rule "don't talk to strangers" doesn't apply here haha)

Just in the philippines playing soccer at the beach for pday. Living the life.

"Blindness cometh by looking beyond the mark" 9/15/13

This week has been hard. I love it here, I really do. I don't know what I would be without the things I've been through. I officially can't picture myself at home, which is the weirdest feeling. I had a thought of what it would be like to go home the other day and I almost cried (yes, I am going to be one of those RM's). I am so glad I am here for another year, and at the same time I can not believe it's only a year. I'm not ready at all to leave, or for this to be over.
The mission so far has been one of the most humbling learning experiences of my life, and while there are times I don't feel like i've changed or improved myself, just the fact that i can't imagine going home or not doing this work tells me i'm changing without knowing it.
Training is so stressful. I love it, but at the same time I don't. There is so much pressure and responsibility you have to take on, and I am so independent. My job as a trainer is to teach and lead by example, and to share responsibility, because how can you learn if you're not given the opportunity to apply what you learn? Well, I'm learning that very quickly. I read in Jacob 4:14 this week, "Blindness cometh by looking beyond the mark". And I want to compare it to my experience right now. I'm stressed, and not enjoying the responsibility. I feel uncapable, unworthy, unprepared, etc. I don't feel good enough to train this sister to become the sister missionary she needs to become. But that's just it...I'm looking beyond the mark. I'm missing the little moments that make the future possible. I'm thinking too much I guess, rather than just doing the simple things that make up the big picture? Am I making any sense?
I liked David's email this week, he told me to, "Believe in yourself!! Don't ever think you're not good enough. If you are taking the sacrament and praying sincerely and searching the scriptures diligently, you are more than qualified." Man is he right. You tend to forget those things sometimes, especially when you have SO much to focus on. And it's something we all need to remember. "Those whom the Lord calls, he qualifies".
I know that to be true. I know that I am qualified to do this work, to be the trainer and missionary the Lord needs me to be. I know that because I wouldn't be here if He didn't trust me. I wouldn't have felt the promptings from the spirit to come on a mission, or have a desire to serve the Lord.
I also know that He doesn't expect me to be perfect, and we shouldn't feel bad for not being perfect. Our purpose here is to learn how to become perfect. How can we learn if we start out like that? Well, we can't. I know that for a fact. It's a learning, growing process, that we will only accomplish after picking ourselves up and continuing after the many times we "stumble, trip and even fall". We can do it though, because the Lord is always there for us. And that's really all we need to know, that He will always be there, and He will always help us, as long as we try our hardest. 2 Nephi 25:23 (23:25? I can't remember). It is only after we do all that we can do, that His grace will take affect and He will finish the job for us. That is a promise.
I love you all! Thank you for all the support, love, emails, letters, prayers, etc. Please know how grateful I am for them. I know how lucky and blessed I am to have so many people who love me. I feel it, and I just want every one to know who prays and supports me that they will receive blessings. Because I have used every prayer ever sent to me, and they have helped me tremendously.
Continue working hard, and don't stop. No matter what happens, never stop. Ever :)
Love you all!
With love from the Philippines,
Sister Hogge

Calayog, Week 1 9/8/13

Hopefully this won't be confusing.  The first paragraph is mostly Waray so I asked Kevin Smith to translate it for me.  That is below, with her e-mail if you want to compare.  The transformation has been remarkable!  Thanks for your love and prayers.  I believe it makes all the difference!  ~Linda

Maupay nga aga sa iyo nga tanan! "Good morning to you all!"
What a week. I have no idea where to even start. First of all, figured out this week that this was Kevin Smith's area! Kevin, I got your email :) you are welcome to tell me anything about your area, or anyone you want me to visit for you. Unfortunately, The Elder's area is the one nearer to the church, the other Sisters have the city proper, and we have Pido St and on...harayo ora ora! Haha pero ok lang. Mas maupay kon maglakat kami, mas marisyo, di'ba? Not really...pero kinahanglan ako maglose weight, so mas maupay. Basta, area namo sa Rawis, Bagacay, ngan Carayman. Carayman is so far, sugad we got off the tricycle at the Hwy, on that kalsada that leads into Carayman, tapos maglakat kami didto...grabe! Harayo! We got maybe 1/4 of the way in 30 minutes, ngan waray mga balay didto, so we turned around :) Ine nga semana, magadto kami didto, all the way in. Magfinding ngan magcontacting kami, referrals namo tikang sa mga miembros. Oh and Yes, Nagkita ak si Brother Salazar, Maupay siya. Buotan ora ora...we're being taken care of.

Translation for this section: 
"...we have Pido St and on... very far. haha but it's ok. It is better for us to walk, it's more fun, no? Not really, but I need to lose weight, so it is better. Anyway, our area is Rawis, Bagacay, and Carayman. Carayman is so far, like we go off the tricycle at the Hwy, on the road that leads into Carayman, then we walked there, gosh! It's far! We got maybe 1/4 of the way there in 30 minutes, and there's no houses there, so we turned around :) This is the week, we went there, all the way in. We are finding and contacting our referrals from the members. Oh and Yes, I saw Brother Salazar. He's good. Very kind...we're being taken care of."

So yeah, my area's far. but that just means there's more to explore and more people to find :) So this week, that is our focus. We want to make sure we know where all the less actives live and then we're going to focus on finding professionals out there. It's a super pretty bukid (mountainous) area, and it's also right on the coast...ish. Basta, it's pretty :) I love Calbayog. The people here are so nice and patient with us too. And believe it or not, it's hard to change all my H's to S's...I don't know why I'm struggling so much with that! But it's coming :) slowly but surely. A lot more people understand english here than Borongan, so it's a nice default when I'm struggling too much. But I am trying to speak the language. That is our companionship goal. She's super good at English, but she teaches in Tagalog. So we're trying to just cut out English and Tagalog and teach in pure Waray. That way we can both follow along in the lesson. It's fun learning Tagalog though :) I'm starting to understand it a little better.
It's super distracting opening an area. I haven't really focused on the spiritual aspect of the work so much this week, and it really takes a toll on things. I feel like we're just walking around, getting to know people and our area. So now that we're into a better routine, and know each other better, my goal is to be better at studying and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and not relying on myself as much. It's hard, but I know that I'm here for a reason, and one of those reasons is to learn to trust in the Lord. He should be my #1 source for help and guidance. Training is such a humbling experience. There is seriously no way I can do this alone...I do not feel good enough or prepared enough, but to know that the Lord knows I can do it, makes me want to work even harder. 
So sorry there's not a whole lot this week. I love you all. Thank you for the love and support always. Remember to do as I'm doing and trust in the Lord. If there's ever something you're unsure about, don't even wait for a second, go and pray and ask for guidance. If you wait, you'll find that there's some way you can figure it out. But why not just go straight to our Heavenly Father first? He knows everything, and He will always help :)

As always, with love from the Philippines,
Sister Hogge


Us 4 sisters in Calbayog :)
And Our area, Carayman, with random goats. It's so pretty and green!

New Area! 9/1/13

Just jumping right into her new assignment!  She sounds great!  What a relief and a blessing!!  Thanks for your love and prayers!  ~Linda

I'm in a new is so weird to transfer! But it is beautiful here. It's so green and there are so many mountains. I'll have to send you more pictures later in the transfer. Too much to do right now haha.

I'm also training, just as a side note ;) I'm opening an area that they split with the other Sister's for us called Calbayog, and I'm training a Filipina. Her name is Sister Purificacion, from Northern Luzon (the island that Manilla is on). She's so cute, she speaks pretty good English, but there's still a language barrier that makes it hard to constantly be communicating. So we don't talk a lot, but we'll get there, I'm sure.

This weekend has been CRAZY. We got to our area on Friday night, late. The apartment we got to was TINY, but we literally got there and just died haha. The next day, we tried our hardest to do our studies, but it was a weird day. We had district conference this weekend so we had to go all the way down to Catbalogan, about an hour or so South of Calbayog (Cal-bye-youg) - that's the only way I know how to explain how to say that word. It's still on Samar, so I was on Eastern Samar when I was in Borongan, now I'm on Western Samar, and up North a lot a bit. Go look it up on google maps! 

So anyways, it's been a crazy weekend. We haven't even been in our area for 24 hours! But we'll get it. We got back late last night to our area, and they delivered our beds...and our beds don't fit upstairs! So our huge bunk beds are just chillen in our kitchen. Waray space!

We taught one lesson on Saturday, to an investigator of the Sister's. That was fun, seeing as I now have to speak Waray Waray S, which isn't too different from Waray Waray H, but it's harder than it seems to change all my "H's" to "S's"...I guess in due time we'll see how it goes. 

I don't really have a ton to add this week, we haven't done a lot yet, I've hardly even spoken the language, which will be hard. When I go too long not speaking it, it gets worse. I feel like i'm going to lose it if I don't at least teach 1 lesson a day in the language. So this transfer I'm really praying for the gift of tongues and praying really hard for Heavenly Father's help. Because I can not do this alone. I'm training and opening an area, and speaking a different language! I need to step it up, and get my head in the game, and turn it all over to the Lord. So that's where I'm at right now.

Honestly, that is about it. We're living with 2 American sisters (There are so many american's in this mission now! they're everywhere!). I really miss Sister Pettijohn, and our huge, clean, bright apartment. But I'm sure I'll get used to the dirty, dark, small, crowded apartment. Adventures right?? The sister's we're living with are SO nice, our zone is awesome, OH and my best friend is in our zone, Elder Muir!!!!! Nicole, you met him. Love that Elder. We were so excited to see each other! We were best friends in the MTC, and he's been in a Cebuano area these last 3 transfers. So it'll be fun to see him struggle too :) Struggling is fun we decided!! 

Anyways, asiya! I love you all! Thank you for your support! Be prepared for next week! Haha prayers would help keep my chin up for the hard weeks that will be coming. I'm staying positive, but some extra help is always needed.

With love from the Philippines,
Sister Hogge

Batch mates!! Elder Muir and I
Kelsey, look what candy i found in Tacloban!
And this is my anak :) she's so cute huh?