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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Area! 9/1/13

Just jumping right into her new assignment!  She sounds great!  What a relief and a blessing!!  Thanks for your love and prayers!  ~Linda

I'm in a new is so weird to transfer! But it is beautiful here. It's so green and there are so many mountains. I'll have to send you more pictures later in the transfer. Too much to do right now haha.

I'm also training, just as a side note ;) I'm opening an area that they split with the other Sister's for us called Calbayog, and I'm training a Filipina. Her name is Sister Purificacion, from Northern Luzon (the island that Manilla is on). She's so cute, she speaks pretty good English, but there's still a language barrier that makes it hard to constantly be communicating. So we don't talk a lot, but we'll get there, I'm sure.

This weekend has been CRAZY. We got to our area on Friday night, late. The apartment we got to was TINY, but we literally got there and just died haha. The next day, we tried our hardest to do our studies, but it was a weird day. We had district conference this weekend so we had to go all the way down to Catbalogan, about an hour or so South of Calbayog (Cal-bye-youg) - that's the only way I know how to explain how to say that word. It's still on Samar, so I was on Eastern Samar when I was in Borongan, now I'm on Western Samar, and up North a lot a bit. Go look it up on google maps! 

So anyways, it's been a crazy weekend. We haven't even been in our area for 24 hours! But we'll get it. We got back late last night to our area, and they delivered our beds...and our beds don't fit upstairs! So our huge bunk beds are just chillen in our kitchen. Waray space!

We taught one lesson on Saturday, to an investigator of the Sister's. That was fun, seeing as I now have to speak Waray Waray S, which isn't too different from Waray Waray H, but it's harder than it seems to change all my "H's" to "S's"...I guess in due time we'll see how it goes. 

I don't really have a ton to add this week, we haven't done a lot yet, I've hardly even spoken the language, which will be hard. When I go too long not speaking it, it gets worse. I feel like i'm going to lose it if I don't at least teach 1 lesson a day in the language. So this transfer I'm really praying for the gift of tongues and praying really hard for Heavenly Father's help. Because I can not do this alone. I'm training and opening an area, and speaking a different language! I need to step it up, and get my head in the game, and turn it all over to the Lord. So that's where I'm at right now.

Honestly, that is about it. We're living with 2 American sisters (There are so many american's in this mission now! they're everywhere!). I really miss Sister Pettijohn, and our huge, clean, bright apartment. But I'm sure I'll get used to the dirty, dark, small, crowded apartment. Adventures right?? The sister's we're living with are SO nice, our zone is awesome, OH and my best friend is in our zone, Elder Muir!!!!! Nicole, you met him. Love that Elder. We were so excited to see each other! We were best friends in the MTC, and he's been in a Cebuano area these last 3 transfers. So it'll be fun to see him struggle too :) Struggling is fun we decided!! 

Anyways, asiya! I love you all! Thank you for your support! Be prepared for next week! Haha prayers would help keep my chin up for the hard weeks that will be coming. I'm staying positive, but some extra help is always needed.

With love from the Philippines,
Sister Hogge

Batch mates!! Elder Muir and I
Kelsey, look what candy i found in Tacloban!
And this is my anak :) she's so cute huh?

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