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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alive and kickin' 9/22/13

So I hear there's a lot of storms up near Manila, and everything makes sense. It has been so windy and stormy this past week! Nothing huge, but I was curious why no one was worried. Anything not a "Bagio" is called "Low Pressure" even if the wind is crazy and it's raining and the waves are huge and crashing everywhere, if it's not classified as a "Bagio", then none of the Filipinos are worried (if they aren't worried, i've learned not to be worried either). So all's well here in Region 8.

The other day, Sister Pure and I were riding a tricycle down the highway, next to the dagat, and we got sprayed so hard every time the waves crashed. It was SO windy. Luckily my skirts are heavy enough to not flash the whole town. We walked home that day and sister pure had to hold down her skirt with her bag and umbrella while we walked. It was funny because everyone's going about normal, but the palm trees are swaying back and forth so forcfully, the ocean is so wavy, and the sky has been dark the past few days. It looks like a storms a coming, but waray. Just the effects from up north. 

Anyways, that was a really bad description. Mom, you asked me how things were really going, if I was struggling. I'm glad to say, I have not broken down yet. I'm honestly still doing fine. Training is fun, sister Pure and I get along great! I know there's a lot more that I could be doing, but i'm trying my best, and I'm learning a lot on the way. I'm not perfect, so I'm not expecting myself to be perfect. Mistakes this transfer have helped me grow more than they have stressed me out. It's still way hard. The way of living, in a cramped apartment, totally stressed me out at first, but we're settled in and used to our arrangements, so honestly...everything's going fine. Our area's a bit far from our apartment. Our appointments are all over the place. We'll have one in Carayman, then one in Greenland, then one in Rawis. They're all like far from each other, which makes it really expensive to travel everyday. So we're learning to organize and set days and times to go to specific places so we aren't all over the place. It's a learning process for sure haha.

We had a fun experience the other day. We traveled all the way out to Carayman to an appointment, only to be punted. We stopped by 2 other of our investigator's home's and they were both very cold with us. We've been struggling so hard to get an investigator, a good, solid one. So we headed back, praying for inspiration on the way back home. We decided to stop to try a former investigator named Gina. We went to her door and asked if Gina was home and she said, "Yes, come in!" (In Waray). We went in, followed her upstairs, and she seated us as she went and grabbed her book of mormon and pamphlets. What the!! The progress record said she wasn't really interested, but we got there, started asking her questions, and she wants to be baptized! We were shocked. We invited her to church (she didn't come...but that's okay), and we have a return appointment on tuesday. We're excited to see what she needs and see what we can do to help her. Our first real potential progressing investigator here.

There's so much that happens here, that i don't even know what to focus on. Just know that i'm alive and doing GREAT! Really. I was thinking the other day about what it would be like to go home, to be in the states. I started crying. I am so nervous to come home (did i already tell you this...i feel like i did). Basta, I love it here. No, I don't love being fat and sweaty, but the Philippines has become my home :) I'm so greatful for this next year. Keep me in your prayers I'll keep you in mine.

Love you all!

Loving the philiippines, 
Sister Hogge

ps. Oh my goodness, you know how there are 3 American's in our apartment, and 1 Filipina? Well, we're wearing off on her. We're teaching her American slang, and now she can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It's so funny! Filipino's english is so proper, so to hear a proper little filipina say things like "catch ya lata bro", sugad, is hilarious. We're having so much fun. Asiya :)

Any questions????


Me with my package! Loved it!! (Anybody feel free to send me things. American's candy and stuff is so fun to give filipinos!)

Me and a scared little kid that I made sit by me on the bus. There was no room anywhere else, so he sat by me, we talked, i gave him candy, and we were bff by the time he left :) so fun! (the rule "don't talk to strangers" doesn't apply here haha)

Just in the philippines playing soccer at the beach for pday. Living the life.

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