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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Patience is a Virtue 6/17/13

So, all of you who know me know that this is one of my most used phrases, "Patience is a Virtue." Isn't it funny how you can say something your whole life and not really even understand it or know how to apply it. Yeah, funny huh?
This past week has been funny, because I've gotten to the point where I just laugh at things; when I'm happy, sad, stressed, depressed, etc. We had a training in Tacloban on Thursday, meaning that we had to leave Borongan on Wednesday since our travel is so far. So that's a 5 day (Technically 4, with P-day) work week. And things have been going good! Missionary work is hard, so we definitely have our days where we're so tired and so unsuccessful that giving up sounds like a really good option. But overall, I'm adjusting just fine, (Especially to the food. I think I'm gaining weight). So when we got to Tacloban, we got to meet all the new missionaries. There are 7 new American sisters, and we'll be getting 17 next cycle!! That's crazy!! The Sisters are opening so many areas here, it's insane. Pretty soon there will be sisters and elders in EVERY single area. Is that what's happening back home too? Do we have sisters in our ward yet? This is just so crazy, I'm loving it! (Yes, we had mcdonalds again this trip)
Anyways! Our training was so good, there's a lot I learned that I wanted to try to work on. One thing President focused on were the Christ-like attributes. He said that once we mastered the Christ-like attributes, we'd be amazing missionaries. Easy! I studied 4 of them already, so I felt ahead of the game: Faith, Patience, Humility and Diligence. So we get back to our area late Thursday night, and you'll never believe what happened the next day. Let's just say, and Sister Tumala will agree when she reads this next year after her mission, last Friday was the worst day since I've been here. We were so impatient with each other, we weren't very diligent, neither of us, but especially me, were very humble, and our faith was lacking probably the whole day, and we only had one lesson. And we let it last into the next day too, I could feel Satan working so hard on me! It was the worst feeling! I remember feeling that the first week in the MTC, when I just missed home so much that I was considering just leaving. Satan takes our biggest strengths sometimes and turns them into weaknesses. My family is my biggest strength. Here in the field, companionships are your biggest strengths. You can't teach or have the Spirit if you're doing the work alone, so what is Satan going to attack first? Our families, or for me, my companionship. Well the only advice I have is don't let him!!!!!! Be patient with your loved ones, they're all you've got, no one can afford to lose them.

Patience is something I'm working on. I WILL master that by the time I get home. It's SO hard here, especially because Filipino's are so laid back and relaxed all the time, and American's are so stressed and fast paced. It's a huge road block here. But we are only promised relief from our trials if we "bear them with patience", right? We are such a demanding people now a days. We want everything right now. I want to be good at it all right now. Having patience and faith, being diligent and humble, teaching, speaking the language, etc. But those are all talents, and we have to work at them if we want to be better. And it feels hopeless for me, but that's because I'm trying so hard to do it on my own to fulfill my needs.'s not about me. It's never about us. Moroni 7, the end of the chapter, it talks about charity. Before we can gain anything, we have to first be charitable. Haha I feel like I'm all over the place in this email, with all these different traits that I have to work on. But it all comes down to serving. Once we focus on someone other than ourselves, is the very moment the Lord steps in and helps us with our needs. IT'S HARD! But life is hard, and that is part of growing up :) So why waste time? We've just got to do it. So, if you need help with something, then SERVE someone today.
So there it is :) I'm still smiling, still happy. The Philippines are awesome. It's hot, and rainy, and the food here is just amazing and I'm just soaking it all in, the best that I can. You know whats funny? Even when I'm hot and sweaty, when I get in front of a fan for too long, I get the chills. Isn't that weird? It's the weirdest feeling ever haha.
I love you all :) we have another training this week in Tacloban, so if I have the same exact week, I'll just "copy, paste" this email. Haha but I'm sure it'll be great :)
- Sister Hogge
P.S. Found out last week I'll probably be training next cycle, right when I finish my training, due to the overload of sisters. My first thought was, "Okay, I better learn this language." If I get put with an American, that will be a VERY funny transfer. Look forward to those emails.

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