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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4 weeks down, 2 to go!

I never know what to title my emails...(oh, first world problems)

So guess who came in this week...Elder Carroll!!! 
I was so excited to see him, I had to tell Sister Bray to hold me back because I would probably run up and hug him. I feel like my little brother's in the MTC with me (although it'd be so much cooler to have Christian here...sorry Andrew). I've seen a lot of people from home here, and it's so uplifting! Bethany Knudsen, Aaron Hall, and all our missionaries from home. They're all doing so awesome, I love seeing them all here!

People said we were too least we weren't hugging!!! :)
Before I get into my email, I have a story for you. Yesterday on our temple walk, I made the biggest fool of myself: I fell. There are TONS of missionaries everywhere, that there was no way that no one saw me. It was SO embarrassing. So you know those flower boxes there, that are surrounded by granite. People use the granite to sit on or stand on or whatever. I don't even know if that makes sense....BUT anyways...(sorry Adam...I'm not good at not putting an "s" at the end of my "anyway" still), Elder Call was standing up there, and I was wearing Sister Bray's really long/big polka dot skirt so I was feeling invincible (An invincible missionary, I don't think so.). So I jumped! Well I ran and jumped, right onto that granite ledge with my very slippery flats on. I didn't even make it on there. My foot slid all the way across the granite ledge and I landed in the flower box, on my butt, covered in dirt. And EVERYONE saw. I was so embarrassed that I just sat there for a good minute. I stood up and I couldn't even step on my foot. It felt broken. They called the hospital and within minutes the ambulance was I'm just joking (in the Philippines they'd say "Oy Joker Ka!!!"-"You Joker!!"). You know me, I NEVER get hurt. Well, none of my wounds ever look bad, no matter how bad they are (Kaitlyn knows about that). Haha the only thing that hurt was my shin, all the way from my ankle to my knee. It's so bruised (internally) and really sensitive, yet it looks normal, (shocker!). I was so mad haha. It was such a good embarrassing fall and I had nothing to show from it. I guess we can count that as a blessing.

Me and Sister Mullen! She leaves tonight!!

Me and Elder Mariano on Saturday!!! :) We finally got a picture!

Oh a more spiritual level...Conference was awesome this weekend. I wish I had my notes and more times to share my thoughts, but I have some other thoughts from this week that I'd like to share instead. Just remember to do as President Monson said, study the talks when they come out. They are so important. As missionaries, we all needed to hear that we need to have faith and be obedient. "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." That is our district quote. We could all use some miracles in our lives right now as we got out as serve as the Lord's army. So be obedient. I started waking up at exactly 6:30, going to bed at exactly 10:30, and all the other little things. Yeah, they don't seem like a huge deal, but hey...if they're set as a rule, just do it. We shouldn't question or try to get around them. We should just do it.

Kaitlyn gets married this weekend. I am SO excited for her! I try really hard not to dwell on it...because it's really hard for me not to be there. But all I can do is try to relate to her. I can't even express the love that I have gained for my companion these past 4 weeks at the MTC. You go from sharing moments in your life with certain people; the fun times, the jokes, the sad times, the pains, the heartbreaks, and etc. But you come out here, and you're forced to share all of those times with one person: your companion. It's hard, especially cause you don't get to choose. But I testify of the unity and strength and love it has brought into our companionship. You laugh together, you eat together, you cry together, you learn together, you work together, you relax together, you teach together and you study together.  We only have 2 more weeks and I have to start all over, but I'm confident that I will grow to love every single person I serve with, because of who they are, and because I have done it already. It makes me think of marriage. What a huge preparation this is for marriage! It's going to be hard, leaving your family and being with one person 24/7 is hard. But Kait, you already have a one up on me: you are madly in love with this person. So remember, to tell Nate everything. Talk to him about your day, your thoughts, your memories, your passions. Tell him everything!!!! All the time!!! And I promise, your marriage and love for each other will blossom so quickly. I only have experience with this one companion, but I know it works. Just by how quickly I can change from frustration to love. I've never been able to do that so quickly as I have out here. Pray to continually love everyone you're around, whether it be siblings, husbands, wives, friends. Pray to love and serve them, and your life will be so much better.

I feel like I'm constantly challenging everyone. I don't mean to, I've just learned so much in the past 4 weeks...I don't know how to hold it all in! Another experience I had: This thursday I had a melt down. I don't know where these meltdowns come from, but they come quickly and unexpectedly. I've felt so unmotivated this week to do anything. I feel like I've struggled to feel the Spirit, to work, to study, and to pay attention. My teacher, Brother Pasikala, asked me how I was doing. I don't know how these teacher's do it, actually I's all by the Spirit. But he knew that I needed something. I broke down in front of him and told him all my concerns and problems (that poor guy...I was a mess). But he knew exactly what I needed. In Ether 12:27 the Lord promises that our weaknesses will become strengths. I was feeling so weak, and I had no idea how to turn it into a strength other than by prayer. Prayer works. The next day, I continued my reading in the Book of Mormon in Jacob, and I was on chapter 4. In verse 6-7 it talks about us having the power through faith to command the mountains to move. (Something about if all of us had the faith of a mustard seed, there'd be no more mountains? Haha that was for you Dad) But it goes on to talk about our weaknesses, and to be honest, my mind is drawing a blank. I can't remember the exact scripture. But I remember my feelings when I read that. I cried. I needed to be stronger. I needed my faith to move the mountains of my doubt (I'm a poet now). I needed that more than anything. So I worked. I was diligent. I memorized our missionary purpose in Cebuano, memorized a few other things in Cebuano, and I just kept going. I tried not to stop working, to keep moving. And guess what...that was the best day I've had at the MTC. I fell asleep that night feeling TIRED from work!! Not just tired from being up so long. I was spiritually drained. And it was so fun :) Now that I've felt that, I want to feel it EVERY night. If that's not motivation from my Heavenly Father, I don't know what is.

I'm so glad everything's going well at home. Grandpa's doing a lot better (he sent me an amazing letter the other day...tell him I love him so much. And tell him, "I'm fine! How are you?!"). Mary Kate is ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Tell her I'm so happy for her and excited! That is CRAZY!!!!! :) I want updates on how that happened and how amazing this guy is. Nicole and Becca's birthday was this weekend...I feel bad, I still haven't sent Nicole's letter, but I sent Becca's. Did she get it?? Haha it's a good one :) Make sure they both know that I told EVERYONE I saw that it was my sister's birthday and that I loved them so much. It was like the talk of the weekend...well no it wasn't, General Conference was. But I was thinking about them a lot. I don't think anything else has happened...Well Kaitlyn went through the temple!!!!!! Which is AWESOME! I'm so excited to hear more from her about that :)

Thank you for all the updates. I want you all to know how much I love the MTC. I have 2 more weeks here, and I don't want to go. I've gained such a love for all our missionaries in our Zone, our leaders, our teachers, and all the speakers here. The Spirit is so strong. Our goal this week is to take advantage of our time here. There will never be another time in our life when I'll have 8 missionaries around me just as concerned about my spiritual growth as they are of their own. We are so blessed here, and we totally take it for granted. So I'm going to work so hard this week, so that everyone praying for me can receive awesome blessings. Thank you for all the love and support. It's been a huge blessing to me here. So thank you, and I love you all!

Our Purpose, sa Cebuano: Pangimbitar sa uban sa pagduol ngadto kang Kristo, pinaagi sa pagtabang kanila nga makadawat sa gipahiuli nga ebanghelyo pinaagi sa pagbaton og hugot nga pagtuo kang JesuKristo ug sa Iyan pag-ula, paghinulsol, pagpabunyag, pagdawat sa gasa sa Espiritu Santo, ug paglahutay hangtud sa katapusan.

I'm am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord, and to invite others to come unto Christ. My heart sinks at the thought that I never wanted to go on a mission. It has blessed my life so much these past 4 weeks, I don't know who'd I'd be, even now, without it. I love this gospel, and I know that this is the true church. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that the Lord speaks to us through him. We need to listen to him, and we need to act now. We need to be worthy now, because we are in the last days. His army has spread over the whole earth to prepare His children for when our Savior comes again. So get to it! Don't wait until you receive some personal motivation to move. Like Elder Bednar says, "Just get up and move. The Lord will direct you where you need to go once you are moving, not before."

I love you all! I don't know how to express that to you enough. Thank you for your support and testimonies through dearelder. I've needed them. Stay strong, and endure to the end!!

Love, Sister Hogge

This is the best of all us Sisters...

This is Elder Johnson, he wants to marry me haha. 
I freaking love this kid! He’s hilarious!!
I was trying to take a picture with the peak for dad and forgot they were behind me :) Sister Delfin and Elder Johnson!

Elder Call and the cheez itz nicole sent to him. He was SO happy!

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